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Fate's First Turn

When you thought it was safe Nuclear Terrorism threatens the free world. Will FATE turn the tide preventing the detonation of a Nuclear Warhead and save our freedom?


Worth the read!

I found the character development entertaining on one side and terrifying on the other. The hero’s team has a whimsical comedic twist of friendship and trust, while the villains are show as precise, methodical, and emotionless. The story does a good job building the emotion and environment of the people and places. I laugh as much as as I cringed with the emotional twist of comedy and suspence. I highly recommend it!!

Wonderful Book

Couldn’t put this book down. I enjoyed the fast paced adventure and loved the romance between the hero and the sister of his partner. I recommend this for anyone who loves suspense novels.

GREAT Book, EASY Read!

Great Book! The violent Preface was a little overpowering but once the main book started it turned into a great ride. The main characters are believable and easy to like. The author put you right in the middle of what was happening. I almost felt like I was there. The last few chapters were just what you want in a good book. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I recommend this book highly

Are Your Eyes Open?


A little known Government Agency is called in and must stop these madmen. FATE (Federal Anti-Terrorist Enforcement) is the only thing between the Terrorist and the destruction of the USA. Ride along as AB, Raymon, Duke and the gang do whatever is necessary in order to stop these dangerous terrorists. Watch as AB grows stupid at the first sign of love. Feel the hatred ooze out of the terrorist for western civilization and our way of life.

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